Our Products

Primada Slow Juicer (PSJ-1)

Primada Slow Juicer used the latest technology from Korea to provide the excellent taste of nutritions from the fruits and vegetables.

Primada Rotatable Air Fryer (PCR-1200)

Multi-purpose: broils, Roast, Bakes, Grills, BBQ, Fry, Steam, Defrost, Disinfect.

Ultra Wireless Bed Vacuum

Destroy 99% of bacteria & germs living in your beds,pillows,sofas and carpets.

Primada Speedy Intelligent Cooker (PC-6500)

Be honored with HKSI, GS, and CB for safety approval.

Primada Multi-Function Teppanyaki (PTC-2200)

Heating element with ribbon technology by E.G.O. (Elektro-Geraetebau Oberderdingen) Group of Companies based in Oberderdingen, Germany.

Nakada Grains Nutrition Expert

5 programme settings: mixed soymilk, paste, dried soybean, soaked soybean, mixed juice.

Premium Ceramic Pot

Natural stone coating is eco-friendly ceramic coating made by coating technology of Primada Premium Ceramic Pot.